Spinach Home offers home trappings with unexpected design, artisan craftsmanship, and keen construction that go beyond passing trends. At Spinach Home, our specialty is working with you to create an effortless and crisp look that welcomes family and friends.

We would like to welcome you to explore our collection of home wares, holiday spirits, furniture and found objects. We feel a home should be collected, having a mixture of styles, whimsy and ideas for an overall timeless presence. We enjoy artisan produced goods and invite you to discover the various artists we welcome into our shop throughout the year. Our independently owned shop has a distinctive perspective on making your space a home and we would love to share our point of view with you.

Many folks are curious about our name. The name Spinach draws from the wild imagination of a little fella with chocolate drop eyes that has drawn us together for the great adventure that he dubbed – Spinach.

Welcome to our shop!